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Our team of skilled dentists are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of dental care and achieving your desired results. Browse our gallery to see the amazing transformations of our patients and let us help you achieve your perfect smile.

Patient #1

The patient had neglect, staining, cavities, and old fillings. 16 veneers and crowns were placed in 2 visits. The patient is now happy, healthy, confident and proud of their smile, and even lost 50lbs. A significant overall transformation has occurred.

Patient #2

The patient, a young individual, presented with concerns regarding the appearance of their smile. Upon examination, it was determined that the patient had worn and discolored teeth, as well as multiple cavities. To address these issues, the patient underwent a procedure consisting of the placement of six veneers on their upper teeth. No orthodontic treatment or teeth whitening was necessary. The procedure was completed in two visits and the patient is now pleased with their new smile, expressing confidence and satisfaction.

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